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Hey, I'm Vanessa

I'm a creative coach psychic medium marketing strategist book doula podcaster

Vanessa Barrington is a creative coach, brand and marketing strategist, psychic medium, book doula and podcaster. 

She is founder of the highly successful Book Doula Program and Healing House Publishing and podcast host for the Vanessa Barrington Show. 

Vanessa helps creatives, coaches, artists and authors to gain clarity and confidence in their value and message, so they can achieve financial freedom doing work they love.

Book Doula & Publisher

She also helps aspiring authors to write and sell their books so they can heal, leave a legacy and make impact.  The stories that find her are usually trauma-related, carry a healing message or are born through a process of healing.

Vanessa has directly published 10 books, coached and supported hundreds of aspiring authors through her masterclasses, coached and guided many successful 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs through her flagship Book Doula Program and coaching containers. 

Her unique approach combines professional editorial support with psychic mediumship to cut quickly and precisely to the heart of a creative’s story and help them move through self limiting beliefs to fulfill their highest potential. 

Outside of work Vanessa is a mum to two beautiful daughters, happily married, an avid foodie and a lifelong traveller (Sagittarius rising!). Her coaching style is genuine, inspiring, motivating and very nurturing.

Vanessa holds space for and gently guides clients from all around the world.  She is an experienced workshop and event facilitator and enjoys presenting from her home town in Northern NSW and her second home, India. 

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My mission

To help creatives share their stories and gifts with purpose so they can live a life doing work they love. 

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"What got you where you are today will not get you where you're headed to next." - Vanessa barrington

Kind Words

“What can I say Ness! You are that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I came to you with my mind in a tangled and blocked mess, and finished the session with my mind awakened and immense clarity with the roadmap on how I was going to bring my business to life, fully surrendered in my own ability and empowered to succeed.

Ness you have an incredible innate ability to tap into a person’s energetic field to release blocks, translate it all so perfectly and inject a ‘shift’ in a persons mind to help clear the path towards transformational growth.

Safe to say, only a month later, I’m kicking goals well beyond what I could have imagined. The flow- on effect from that first session has been insane. You are now part of my ‘secret sauce’ business toolkit to empower me through growth!”

Jessica Bastie, Owner, Cherry Soda Creative

… This has honestly changed my life. I started writing my book before I joined The Book Doula Program, I’d never done anything like this before. I had no strategy, no idea, no direction – I decided to give this a program a go.  I’ve come so far.  Vanessa is just the most incredible, inspirational woman. I’m so grateful she’s come into my life.  And I feel like I can make this book something beautiful and amazing. It warms my heart to think I can make this book that can help so many people.  I have all good things to say.  Please definitely do it if you’re thinking about working with Vanessa. You won’t regret it. 

Ebonie Stirling-Gatt, Author

… Writing is really easy for me these days.  I want to honour the woman who has helped me get to this place.  The Book Doula aka Vanessa is an incredible, incredible woman.  Her skillset is second to none. Her integrity is matched by none. 

I am absolutely in awe of the woman who has taken the time to sit with me, to listen to me, to encourage me and to support me to get where I am right now. I am currently almost finished the first draft of a manuscript I never thought I’d have the skill set or bravery to write. I have learnt skills I didn’t know I needed. I have had a light shone in the dark places of my mind to help me unravel stories that only had a few words. I have had access to professional feedback in the most supportive, understanding, kind and caring way. I don’t feel alone in this journey any more. 

Lauran Wassell, Author

“Vanessa helped me start my business.  The guidance and support I received was invaluable to the successful launch of my new brand and reaching the right audience.  The range and depth of knowledge exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to what is required to start a successful business – and more importantly, that I was capable of doing so. I gained confidence to achieve dreams and goals that until now had only been fantasy. Many thanks Vanessa. I am so very grateful to you. X”

Monique Michel, Author & Copywriter Coach

“I worked with Vanessa on rebranding my business website. Vanessa helped me to unlock the parts of myself that I was resisting and holding back. Vanessa held a beautiful space for me to share my story, which is a vulnerable one, and she helped me to understand how my story can help others.  Vanessa is highly creative and intuitive and she just knows! Highly recommend Vanessa if you are thinking about rebranding! Thanks Vanessa.”

Olivia Slater, contemporary intuitive aboriginal artist

“I have been using Vanessa’s services for just over 3 years now.  I am extremely happy with the quality of work and also how professional the service has been. Vanessa always takes the time to understand exactly what I’m after and far exceeds my expectations every time! I love that she has been able to help me in so many different areas of my business over the years. She always has wonderful advice, tips and tricks and has helped boost not only my sales but also my confidence. Highly recommend!”

Daisy Hill, Aboriginal Artist

“Vanessa works with a high standard. I am very appreciative of the professional and creative input she has provided my business.  Vanessa is strong in her values and ideas, and always attentive to the needs of others. I would recommend Vanessa to any profession looking to build upon their productivity. I have enjoyed working with her and am pleased with the results.  Thank you Vanessa!”

Gail Warwick, Spiritual Healer

70% of change fails people, no matter how talented a leader you may think you are, for the majority of you out there that are bound to get it wrong.  Vanessa will ensure you get it right. I recommend her 100%!”

Lorie Jardine, CEO Melbourne Airport

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