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If you're someone who's grappled with creativity, questioned your purpose or wondered whether you're really good enough - this podcast is for you.

Hey, I'm Vanessa

I’m on a mission to heal the world through stories and in this podcast, I want to help you do the same by sharing YOUR STORY with the world. 

In 2022 my psychic mediumship abilities opened up and it set me on a path of personal transformation I never could have imagined. 

In this podcast, I’m uncovering everything I’ve learned along the way. 

I meet a lot of creatives who lack self belief, and for a long time, that was me too. 

In this podcast, I want to help you tap into your true value, to inspire and motivate you so you can get back into creative flow. 

In every episode I promise to give you practical skills and spiritual guidance that helps you get the clarity you need to share your stories and gifts with the world. 

We’ll cover topics like creativity, spirituality, entrepreneurship and personal transformation. 

We’re going to talk about the stories we tell ourselves.  We’ll also talk about the stories we tell others – and the stories we hide. 

And I’ll be right there with you, sharing everything I’ve learnt along the way. 

Each Monday I’ll release an episode where I share what’s on my mind. I’ll also share my students and client’s journey and together, we’ll navigate and explore this interesting intersection of spirituality, creativity and entrepreneurship together. 

It’s my hope that this podcast offers you spiritual guidance, support and inspiration so you can show up powerfully in the world. 

Because there’s one thing I know, and it’s this: 

Your story has the power to heal others. 

And it’s a story only you can tell. 

I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for listening!

Vanessa Barrington