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a unique approach to fulfilling your life purpose

"The fact you want it means you’re capable of achieving it."

– Vanessa Barrington

My Approach

My approach is unlike anything you’ll find in the market. I work on a soul level to unlock your true north, your highest potential so you can fulfil your life purpose.

I often help creatives who are:

  • Ready to evolve their brand
  • Want that next growth target
  • Committed to deep service
  • Looking to let go of past limitations
  • Seeking clarity and guidance on growth without compromising their values 

As a psychic medium, I help you see everything you’re destined for in this lifetime. I tap into the essence of nature to deliver direct messages from spirit to help you recognise and acknowledge your desires, gifts and destiny to unlock your potential. 

This gift will shine a light on your blind spots and help you shift them FAST.  No filter, no bullshit. 

As a brand strategist and marketing expert I help clarify your message, improve confidence and share what’s working (and what’s not) in 2024. I bring 21 years of experience in powerful storytelling techniques to elevate you and help you connect deeply with the people who most need your help.

I will challenge your belief systems, show you how to release and heal the old stories that hold you back, and gently guide you to let go of the limitations you’ve placed on yourself until now. 

If you are living out of alignment or self sabotaging, I will lovingly call you out on it.

vanessa barrington creative coach and book doula
Vanessa Barrington Creative Coach and Psychic Medium

"The fact you want it means you’re capable of achieving it."

Working with me

When you work with me you’re not just getting my tools and frameworks and systems, you’re also learning how to rewire your entire way of thinking and living to attract more abundance, alignment and ease into your life than you ever thought possible. 

I serve from a place of deep authenticity. I care deeply about your success and transformation. My energy is contagious. I am direct, honest, big-hearted, and have a no-BS approach.

I teach from lived experience. I have reinvented myself and had my life literally burn down around me. I have rebuilt and shifted from a corporate leader living in a constant state of burnout to a successful seven-figure CEO leading a thriving global business comprising three amazing brands. 

I do not proclaim to share what I do not know.  What I do know, I share with a full open heart – no holds barred. 

I hand you the exact strategies I’ve learned and applied to transform my own life and business. 

I teach you how to express yourself fully. 

As a fellow creative, I know what you need to ensure those creative concepts take flight. 

The business world has changed. 

When you work with me, I hand you the tools to meet the new rule book. And it’s not what you expect. 

If you’re ready for expansion and flow –

“Vanessa’s energy, positivity and enthusiasm are like a warm hug. She holds space for you in such a genuine way, creating an environment where you feel truly seen and supported. Vanessa has this incredible knack for balancing warm encouragement with a refreshing dose of honesty, calling you out on your crap when you need it most. During our 3-month coaching container, Vanessa played a huge role in helping me launch a new product. She guided me through the entire launch process, from creating compelling copy to developing an effective launch strategy. Thanks to her expertise, I not only successfully launched my product but also saw solid sales. One of the biggest transformations I experienced was in my confidence and approach to showing up on social media. Vanessa worked with me to overcome my reluctance, and now, engaging with my audience on Instagram feels more comfortable, authentic and enjoyable. This shift has also significantly grown my following and engagement. Working with Vanessa has been an absolute game-changer. Her insights and support have truly made an impact on my life and business. I highly recommend her to any creative looking to level up their business and personal growth.”

Heidi Glasson, Graphic Designer & Coaching Client